Roadtripper offers a unique range of tailor-made trips for individuals and groups to offbeat destinations. We specialize in large scale cross-country events for larger groups. The passion that goes into designing a trip for one person or a hundred plus is the same. We are not an automated website your questions and queries are dealt real time with the people who are a part of the organization and experienced hands at the business. Take a look at what we can do:

Kwid Drive to Paris (2016)

43 days, 18000+ Km and 12 countries: In our latest international adventure, team Autocar India drove Renault Kwid through a variety of terrains and road conditions - through snow, slush, rubble and road, down flat highways and up winding mountain passes, from the crowded streets of India all the way to the romantic rues of Paris. Roadtripper's logistics ensured that this was a joyride.


Driving to your Dream - Vietnam to India (2016)

Driving to your Dream was the first ever Vietnamese convoy to enter India. Crossing 7 countries in the span of 30 days, 11 individuals, and 4 cars took the pioneer journey from Vietnam to India. Roadtripper took the challenge of organising the India-Bhutan-Nepal section of the trip and made its mark on this historic journey.


Duster Drive - India to Cambodia (2016)

From India to Cambodia via Myanmar, Thailand and Laos. The 14 day Unstoppable Drive started on 27th July 2016. Autocar India crew drove the DUSTER through dense tropical forests, across raging river deltas, over dusty mountain roads and past ancient monasteries, stopping occasionally to say hello to herds of wild elephants. This journey from planning the route to handling the entire gamut of logistics and on ground event management was handled by Roadtripper.


Great Quattro Drive (2015)

Few intrepid adventurers, two Audi Q7 and one epic road trip - Ingolstadt to India. The 17,000 kms drive of discovery, starting from Audi global headquarters in Ingolstadt, Germany, our team drove through scenic Europe, into the frigid expanses of Russia and onwards to the deserts of Mongolia, through the provinces of China, cutting across the testing terrain of Myanmar before finally entering home in India was as epic as it gets.


Ferrari Magic India Discovery (2008)

This journey was one of a series of journeys undertaken by Ferrari to show their cars can drive anywhere in the world


SEA Odyssey ASEAN Ride (2016)

An Epic journey covering 5 Nations, 19,000 Kms, 34 Cities in 50 Days that 4 Travel Enthusiasts embarked upon on their Motorcycles called S.E.A Odyssey Starting from Mumbai and heading to AH1 via Madhya Pradesh, the S.E.A. Odyssey riders one of a kind ASEAN experience.


Lone Wolf Asean Ride (2016)

A Single Rider, 7 Countries, 56 Days. The only rider from India to have completed the ride to 7 ASEAN countries in a single trip. As he puts it “A journey on a Motorcycle is not merely a means to reach a destination, on the contrary, it is anything but that; It is a journey within, to the very core of the rider's soul. This is a story winding through the expressions of nature, and human civilisation. A story of self-discovery, adventure, a journey back to the essence of the soul.”


HOI ASEAN Corridor Ride (2015)

5 riders from Harley Owners India set out for a 50-day roadtrip across 5 ASEAN countries, Mumbai to Singapore and back. Set for an adventure of a lifetime, these men rode their Harleys across different terrains, climates and roads, ranging from expressways to wooden bridge, from sandy roads in Myanmar to multilane highways in Thailand for distance of 18,000 Km . All their planning and logistics was handled by Roadtripper


Tibet (2015)

Welcome to the Shangri-la in the clouds .Deep blue skies, sparkling lakes, crystal clear rivers, mystery, religion, architecture, and the simple and traditional Tibetan people makes Tibet a travelers' dream destination. A land full of beautifully decorated monasteries, temples, and palaces that are built by laborers and artisans who donated their entire lives to the accumulation of good karma.


China (2014)

One of the most versatile tourist destinations in the world, China has it all, ancient towns, natural wonders, modern architecture, and nightlife.


BCIM Rally (2013)

80 participants from Bangladesh, China, India and Myanmar undertook an epic 3,000-km journey in 20 cars of Indian and Chinese make from Kolkata to Kunming. The historic Kolkata-Kunming BCIM (Bangladesh, China, India and Bangladesh) Car Rally carried the message of building bonds and fostering friendships through the four countries. The fifteen-day journey was organized across one of the Southern arteries of the old silk route. Roadtripper partnered AutocarIndia in organizing the event for the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII).


Indo Asean Rally (2012)

The second edition of the ASEAN rally , which coincided with the 20th year of Indo- ASEAN relations. The rally in which 31 Mahindra vehicles covered over 8000 kms through 9 countries over 22 days. A historic journey through India and ASEAN to co-create a future together. The rally started in Jogjakarta Indonesia and culminated in Delhi being flagged down at the ASEAN – India commemorative summit by all the heads of State. Roadtripper partnered Autocar India to organize the event for Ministry of External Affairs ( India) and Confederation of Indian Industries (CII).


Ladakh (2012)

Roadtripping along the route with a twist. Not only did we visit last indian village on the India-Pakistan border, but also visited Pangong lake that shares its banks with both India and China. A trip full of high altitude passes that lead us to indulge in local culture, breathtaking landscape and views like no other place in the world.


Bhutan (2010)

Roadtrippers first ever group trip was a resounding success. 20 like minded people took a 10-day journey across the mystical land of the Thunder Dragon. Bhutan was a trip packed with adventure, fun and festivities.The self-drive journey began in Paro with the cars travelling all the way across to Bumthang and back


SAARC Rally (2007)

Thirty Tata Safaris, carrying about 120 participants from SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) countries, covering over 8200 km, across 7 countries and varying terrain, over a 30 day period, 'connecting people, strengthening ties' on the way as they meander through the sub-continent. The rally started in Bangladesh at Cox Bazaar and culminated in the Maldives. Roadtripper partnered Autocar India to organize this mammoth even for the Ministry of External Affairs ( India) and Confederation of Indian Industries (CII). It was a historic event with Indian number plate cars crossing the Wagah border into Pakistan for the first time since Independence. The cars drove through Delhi coinciding with the SAARC summit (2007) and were flagged off by all the heads of State.


Himachal (2010)

A self drive trip inspired and led by Rishad Saam Mehta, the renowned travel journalist. A trip beyond the usual tourist spots in Himachal to more serene landscapes of Thanedar, Chitkul and Sangla. We drove our CRVs on less travelled roads that lead to some undiscovered local haunts.


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